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Cafe del Mar World Tour 2015
Basic Package:
 1 DJ
4 Banners
25 Key Rings
25 Giveaways
15 Cafe del Mar CDs
Privilege in Ibiza, Spain, holds the Guinness world record for
"The Biggest Club in the World". It is HUGE.
Privilege is a true Ibiza experience and it attracts clubbers from all over the world.
Different parties are held every night so Privilege is like a chameleon, expendable decorations change the face of the
club. Therefore, you need more than one night to see everything the club has to offer.
When you enter the main room, you are surrounded by colorful lights and extraordinary sound systems and artistic and beautiful dancers. Our garden is the right place to chill and cool down. The dome gives you spectacular view of Ibiza in the fresh air.
Privilege attracts people who love house music, dancing and the spirit of Ibiza.

Café del Mar opened in 1980 in Ibiza, Spain. The concept was simple, to put music to the sunsets. In the early days Café del Mar was a prominent meeting point among the locals and an origin of inspiration for artists and authors. By 1990´s it had become the most popular destinations in Ibiza.

Around the world Café del Mar is possibly the most renown by the annual chillout compilations. The first official Café del Mar compilation was released in 1994 after an overwhelming demand by the fans. It was a global success and resulted in much respected series that as of today has been sold in millions.

Besides the albums, the fans may hear the Café del Mar sound at the licensed franchises that have expanded to 11 different locations around the world, as well as at Café del Mar live events taking place in various venues.

After 31 years Café del Mar mar still stands as the most respected music & lifestyle brands in the world while growing each year.