Shukou Tsuchiya
Suiboku Artist (Japanese Brush Painting)

The method Tsuchiya uses to perform his artistry is very unique, not only in the Traditional Suiboku painting (Japanese brush painting), but also in the Japanese Art. 

For example, he paints trees and flowers with black ink and they form skulls or a face of Che Guevara in distance. Moreover, he does live art performances with electric music at parties and night clubs. With his talent in music and painting, Tsuchiya has a strong passion to popularise art. Paintings can be appreciated in everyday life just like people enjoy listening music.

As he performs his art, Tsuchiya still keeps the quality of traditional Suiboku-ga, as he brings some motif from outside of Japanese tradition, like the alphabets or brand logos, yet coexist in harmony. 

On top of these performances, Tsuchiya has a strong wish to become an artist with an ability to express the good old Japanese traditions and culture after studying abroad. Tsuchiya mixes techniques of traditional Japanese brush painting with popular motifs for everyone to enjoy his art.

More info

2008 Audi TT promotion
2009 Japan Suiboku-ga research art competition - Grand prize
2010 CHIVAS REGAL promotion
2011 Musée du Louvre Salon "Carrousel du Louvre" - Group exhibition
2012 "PENDULUM" Kips Gallery in NYC - Private exhibition
2013 Adidas Superstar promotion
2014 H&M Conscious promotion live performance

水墨画家・現代美術家 1974年~


2008 Audi TT プロモーションアーティスト
2009 全国水墨研究会合同展大賞受賞
2010 CHIVAS REGAL プロモーションアーティスト
2011 フランス国立美術協会主催ルーブル美術館Salon “Carrousel du Louvre”展出展
2012 ニューヨーク Kips Gallery 個展 PENDULUM
2013 adidas スーパースター プロモーションアーティスト
2014 H&M conscious プロモーションライブパフォーマンス