On Entertainment Ibiza provides consulting service to open businesses in Ibiza and also organizes World Tours and Franchise of Ibiza brand night clubs and bars. 

Also provides professional DJs, musicians, dancers and models to night clubs, promotions, events, private parties, tours, commercials, fashion shows, corporate events and all kinds of parties.

We are located in the center of Ibiza, Spain. Therefore, we have direct contacts to the world famous clubs and professional artists to make your next event successful, memorable, entertaining, attractive & energetic....read more

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On Entertainment Ibizaはイビサのにある世界最大のクラブ「Privilege」やチルアウト・カフェ「Cafe del Mar」を始めとする、イビサ発祥のクラブなどのワールドツアーとフランチャイズを手掛けています。

Geisha Dancers - Kabuki@Pacha Ibiza‎

Spinning Pole Dance@Pacha Restaurant Ibiza